Shorten the sales process with Slipparinga

We find your prospects with an extra twist, we check the homepages and financial status so you can direct your offer to those you really think are your target group. The lead time is about 3 weeks and we use normal internet services. If you require a bought register, we help you with this for 5% fee of the total cost.

We make calls and hold conversations with those you have on a customer list. If the list is less than the number of conversations bought, we “hunt” the prioritized customers on the list. You can benefit from not filling up the list but let us take the time to really get in contact with your next Key Account.

The number of calls is always more than the number of conversations! The basis is your list of customers and phone numbers, please take good care to deliver a targeted list or ask us for help. It is much more fun to call on a good list with a perfect match, than really cold calling on a switchboard number.

Book-and-Rebook is a gentle service where we make the numerous calls that sometimes has to be done manually for a rescheduled event or booking. If you urgently need to make calls, we can do this even during weekends! Just give us a couple of days heads up!

Price matrix

50 prospects

50 conversations

100 conversations


10 number Emergency

860 £    /    970 €

540 £    /    620 €

860 £    /    970 €

180 £    /    210 €

225 £    /    260 €