Visit a customer without calling first!

Slipparinga is founded by Annika Thunberg already 2013 but it took until 2015 before the idea was formalized in a structured way and sold immediately. Ellinor Karlsson and Ing-Marie Berndtsson were two of the first consultants who also helped establish the culture of the company.

We are all creative leaders, salesmen, workers, and businessmen. The idea is that no one is working 100% with Slipparinga! All have other assignments by the side of Slipparinga, which means that when we take on an assignment it is with joy and pride we deliver the service!

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It is important that it is fruitful to work with the customer. It is not that fun to cold call 8 hours a day, but it really feels meaningful when we are making more business for the customer 8 hours a day!

We have competence and knowledge from very different industries such as printing business, national science, marketing and IT. We have all experience with sales, salesmen, telemarketing and other situations where the phone is used as the primary mean of contact.

We are different personalities and together we have over 50 years of working experience. You can trust us calling your customers or Key-Accounts-to-be.

We are nice, competent, and having fun when we make the calls. Better pre-conditions are hard to get!